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Was macht einen Träumer [entries|friends|calendar]
~Warum Traum~

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[29 May 2005|01:51am]

GODDAMN COMPUTER......... I'll have to post this later.
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[05 May 2005|08:36pm]

[ mood | creative ]

creative caniption cremating concious comprimise
unwilling uniformity under universal unnature
silently stalking stealthy stifeling strain
heavily heaving hellishly heartbroken hernias

Compromise is not an option. Weither I have the strength or not I cannot allow myself to hide behind compromise anymore. The dreams of my future depend on the reality of my present in relaiton to the illusions of my past.

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[21 Apr 2005|07:40am]

Recently I have come to note my dreams are not only dependant on my level of conciousness but also my enviroment. If I sleep one place I feel my dreams are cut off but if I sleep another I am flooded with potent dreams. Then again Yuma is the most haunted city in Arizona. I am sure one day I will have plesant conversations with the ghosts and spirits that flock to this town.
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[21 Apr 2005|07:38am]

If I dream when I'm awake and live when I'm asleep am I real?
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[18 Apr 2005|05:08am]

what is a nightmare?
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dream logs [15 Apr 2005|01:07am]


As me and another flew around a stone building with many towers creating different things, plants, more buildings, beings, etc...

me:hey! look at the stars there's so many of them!
???:NO! I dont want my stars to float!

possible re-invention of earth? or another planet I am not sure.

and one where

someone brought over there musical instruments and just left no word or anything and then I woke up......

I was on the top of peak of a mountain in the middle of nowhere it seemed and there was a brown haired young female chained to a shrine there I unchained her and then she told me when where and how I was to die the I woke up hearing screaming and laughter and other sounds.
I have been having a dream about some cloaked figures and me laying before them on what I am not sure and as they speak an unknown language I am somehow kind of comforted by what they are saying even though I dont know what they are saying and then the leader(I guess) thats directly above my head has a green glow around him and then the dream(vision?) ends there and I wake up with a strange feeling...and I have been having this dream since I was 2 or since I can remember... And a couple where I visited the netherworld and visions of apocalypse type environments, Just torn up ruins of cities, bodies everywhere and people all around me just trying to survive, and shooting their friends and family for food......not a very comforting thought but tis our nature.
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I am arrived! [14 Apr 2005|12:16pm]

I once had a dream about Genisis from the bible...at least that's what I think it was...scared the hell right outta me.
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Those eyes [14 Apr 2005|03:49am]


Dunkle Engel des Todes
Die Augen
Es war seiner augen
Die Blass farbe augen
Die Augen Hat meine Seele genommen
Ich gehorchen seiner augen, Herz, und Seele.....
Oder soll verurteilt Begrenzen zu Hölle.

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Life [14 Apr 2005|03:11am]


          Humanity conforms our children
          Striping away imagination
          leaving only devouring greed
          Continuing until,
          No more shall they dream.....

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